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Soul Dice a new novel by Max Bantleman
SoulDice  -  A novel by Max Bantleman The   Intergalactic   Adventures   of   some   Unlikely   Heroes   The   Universe   is   a   big place    full    of    weird    things.    Let’s    go    take    a    look…    Harper,    a    despondent spaceship   Captain   and Arlia,   the AI   she   creates   to   give   her   life   purpose.   Jesus and   his   Imp   tormentor.   Miles   and   Penny:   two   escapees   from   a   self-destructing Earth.   Spike   and   Jools:   two   Galactic   Troopers   who   want   out   of   their   life   of violence.   Their   lives   become   intertwined   as   they   come   under   the   influence   of QFish,    a    mysterious    life-force    intent    on    understanding    a    way    to    destroy everything. Their   adventures   are   interspersed   with   ‘data-dumps’,   drawn   from   a multitude   of   sources   from   throughout   the   galaxy.   The   data-dumps   illustrate how   diverse   the   universe   is   in   relation   to   what   our   galactic-travelling   heroes may   think   of   as   strange   as   they   try   to   make   some   sense   of   their   bizarre encounters.    On    their    travels,    as    well    as    bumping    in    to    each    other,    they encounter   (among   many   other   things):   the   Galactic   Council’s   terrorist   enemy, the   ‘Bidens’,   a   debauched   luxury-resort   world,   a   whole   system   built   to   be farmed   by   QFish   for   sentience,   the   frustration   of   being   stuck   in   lapsed-space,   a hyper-real   virtual   world   that   offers   them   immortality   and   the   ghostly   voice   of Jim   Morrison.   They   are   challenged   to   remain   sane,   to   answer   some   of   the questions   that   assault   us   all   and   to   seek   out   what   each   of   them   thinks   they should really be doing. Some of which they manage to do. Buy now from Amazon: